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From: Jerome Blondel <>
Date: Sat, 23 Jun 2001 20:14:00 -0000


Alex Ferguson says:
>Not by triangulation, IMO. You can, though, find north (etc), by a variety
>of methods.

Sure, you can find your direction, but if as everyone said the night sky appears the same (Pole Star overhead, Kalikos north, and so on) from any place in Glorantha, the stars seem to me basically useless for positioning.

Gary R Switzer:

>I still haven't given up on Flat Glorantha having actual observable
>non-horizon visuals, like being able (weatherpermitting, of course) to see
>the Block from the Iron Forts or the top of Kero Finn or people in Fonrit
>trying to figure out what the MoonBurn is.

Big landmarks like mountains (Vent...) would be visible from far at sea, not to mention powerful enough lighthouses. It would be helpful.

Peter Metcalfe:

>>Is it possible to find your position by the stars on the seas of

>Yup. But not by the Red Moon alone...

I have to get rid of my too many prejudices against the Red Moon. The only other "skymark" i can think of is the Blue Streak, but how often is it visible?
Anyway just knowing the north, the direction of the Red Moon, and having a remotely decent chart would probably help to correct one's heading.


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