Cold War in Imperial Age, Similarity and Difference of Grazers and CharUns

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Date: Sun, 2 Sep 2001 18:22:58 -0700

To Peter Metcalph:
Godlearners and EWF: Great Britain and USA?... without popularity...I should abandone it...
  As minority of Gloranthaphile, I got accustomed to the condition of Orlanthi and Malkioni of Two Faces of Americans, Noble Sabages and Logical Christians. (I don't think this opinion will be admitted by Majority...)   For example, I bothered about Umathela. Why Early Malkioni riding with Waertagi Dragonships bothered with Storm barbarians? (If they didn't come with Mythological Age Storm Tribe Legions...when Storm Brother invaded Southern land..) I don't know well about Detail War between EWF and Middle Sea Empire, except Kingdom of Knight as in Tradetalk Magazine, how much do you know about Proxy War in other Buffer Area, such as Wasteland and Carmania?

To Nick Brooke:
About LARP Life of Moonson Character Secrets. I have failed to comprehend the scheme of LARP... For example, Count Jolan is de facto a son of Imperial Chamberlain Mikos Tiokonos and Taloned Countess Yolanela in your seats...I like to write such knotty human relations...but I think that makes difficult to understand the all works for Comprehension...can I get a sheet which concluded all intrigues and family lines for that work? If you have such a card, that will be saving of my time....

To Wesley Quadros:
Many Great Spirit Names of CharUns are Unknown to me, Unspoken Word #2 will reveal their Nature and History, but I cannot help thinking about Similiarity (Pure Horse Tribe) and Difference (FHQ's Harmonious Way and Brutality of Panishi) of Grazers and CharUns...

And this cultivation will help Other Pentans...

Relationship CharUn and Grazer Spirits
Kargzant (Sun Stallion)
Yu-Kargzant (Sun Stallion, Patron of Luminous Stallion King)

Ma-Tamara (Rufelza)
La-Ungariant (Goddess of FHQ, attributed to Kero Fin?)




Panishi (Pan)


Golden Bow

(Horse Mother)


(Earth Mother)


Durla (Warrior Woman, Lunar)

Here is some excerpts from CharUn Clan Generator about their Great Spirits: a) None, our local spirits were enough
Economics: magic
b) Morgzil, the Hunter
Economics: hunting
c) Kalikos, the Ice Bane
Goals: glory
d) Tirgzant, the Fire Stallion
Values: pragmatism
e) Iriloy, Horse Mother
Economics: herding
f) Lorest, Mother Earth
Economics: gathering
g) Folien, The Dark Slayer
Goals: Conquest; Values: cruelty
h) Sunishi, the Vigilant
Economics: tribute; Values: warlike
i) Ruag, the Whispering Wind
Values: innovation
j) Bonard, the Wise
Economics: trade; Goals: learning

CharUn Hero Spirits
a) Uradyn, when he drove away the Horse Eater. Values: Warlike
b) Sesema, when she made the first airag. Economics: herding; Values: indulgent
c) Evaltan, when he made the first wagon. Economics: trading
d) Sharyu, when she braided the first rope. Economics: crafting
e) Bus, when he first counted the stars. Goals: learning
f) Werris Mur, when she stole honey from the bees. Economics: gathering
g) Targarung, when he trained the first hunting hawk. Economics: hunting
h) Hesten Zore, when he learned the secret of the bones. Economics: magic


Reference to some works of Bernard Evslin:

 Quezalcoatl & Tezcatrypoca
 Quezalcoatl was the merciful King of the City of Tula, and the Avatar of Same Named God, Winged Serpent. He was so merciful that he could live with human ordinary lives and petty things...though as the Wisest King among Human Kings, he also suffered and agonized same matters of ordinaries as the proof of contest. He prohibited Sacrifice of Human...even for Villains, instead of that, he legitmated the custom of Sacrifice of Butterfly and Flowers for the Fifth Sun.

 The Origin of the Contest derived from Dispute among the Great Gods of Teotihuacan...especially between Tezcatrypoca "Black Smoked Mirror" and Quezalcoatl, after they have finished to rule Four Cycles of the World as the Chiefs of Suns, Quezalcoatl mourned many lives who suffered many misfortunes and deathes as usual. Because he was always prevented by Other Great Gods (especially by Tezcatrypoca) to help Good but Unhappy People.

 Gods could not understand his opinion because they were naturally different from human, and they sided with the opinion of Tezcatrypoca, "If there is no unfair matter, Evil and energy which would be consumed by Lives of Human, there is no reason for human to pray Gods, fight for making beauty against ugliness, preserve there own life for short period of their lives." Always this opinion bothered him for he could not explain what he felt, and he spent much days in the east shore of Great Lake Texcoco in the contemplation. And he decided he should become Human for Proving the Justice of his Opinion.

After the Cremation of Quezalcoatl, his Heart ascended to Heaven as (Venus), and his people sobbed for self sacrifice,

  Huitzilopochtli led his people from the Land of North Wonder, Aztlan. And they destroyed the monuments of their former Kings of

 Quezalcoatl finally said to Other Gods, "Eventually, I reached the Conclusion, we must watch our Fate if we lose All of our reason to live with Humans."


 Emperor Vayobi

He is a very capable man and famous poet, but nortorius for his deliquency in the court of Mikaday the Merciful, Emperor was always treating him with great respect, and his Poems were very popular among Nobles of Imperial Court.

 But Great Han Majang, Prime Minister of Mikaday treated him more sternly. And after all Emperor Mikaday ascended to Summerland, Han Majang prevented him from taking the Controll of his Empire. And he called himself as Regent of Kralorela until the Successor of Mikaday would get temperlance of his own Draconic Nature.

 But the young Emperor didn't admit it and finally vanished his protectant to the Underworld. The Last Glorious Culture of Ancient Age thrived under the Young Emperor Vayobi, and the Emperor himself made many beautiful arts for Decolating his Empire. But his Evil and Vanity induced the Return of Sekever, Anti Dragon to Blissful Kralorela again.

 Sekever took the Form of Great Scholar of Traditions, and he taught him how he could unify All Languages and Writing Systems of 15 Kralorelan Land (in that Age, Kralorelans used Diversed and Changed Vithelan Language after the Collapse of Empire of Metsyla.) into One unified Form. Sekever taught him how Ancient Draconic Vithelans wrote poems and sang songs of reincarnation for TarnGatHa and HeenMaroun. So Vayobi and Sekever made Great Tower of Reading and Writing in the Province of Jaubon. And they started to collect All of Writing of Dragons in Kralorela. Vayobi was the only person in the Court of Yellow well knew the Mysterious Scholar was actually the Antidragon, but he believed he could wield this Dangerous Source of Ancient Knowledge as his own.

 Sekever taught him how to see the Mystery of Water Writing in the Surface of Water, he taught him the Flexibility of Spring makin Beauty of Writing, and Magic will be enhanced for suited to the Draconic Lore. And Emperor indulged in the research of Stream of Blue River from over Carved Bridge, and gradually he forgot how Sekever can be dangerous toward him. Because Sekever broke the Bridge, Vayobi drowned in the Waves of Suam Chou. And his Draconic Fire was extinguished and replaced to the substance of Water Pure-Cold.

 But he didn't die for the Pressure and Coldness of Water, Blue Dragon of Deep, Thrunhin Dah salvaged him and emblaced to his Great Court of Blue, taught him how he can fix the Damage came from his Folly, and Vayobi apologized to Han Majang for his past Deed. And Dragon Han Majang generously tolerated because he found at last his young Emperor reached to the Enlightenment. Vayobi called Dragons of Nature and Seafolks who still didn't submit to violence and seduction of Sekever.

 Dragon of War swept across the Coastal Area of Kralorela, where Sekever positioned many Demon Army and the Legion of Corpses.

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