Re: Lunar Empire under Attack

Date: Fri, 14 Sep 2001 06:36:44 EDT

Hello Friends,

i have received some angry answers to my recent mail.

I want to confirm that i am very sorry if this mail might have been to cynical, or of bad taste.

Please know that i had watched at least 12 hours of CNN before i considered that it would be time to do something else in order to keep me away on thinking of that Terror.
After reading failed, i began surfing on the internet. And finally came also to the Glorantha stuff.
There, reading about the Lunar Reaching Moon impact, real world terror got back on me: I was reminded on real worlds terror, again.

This recognition that the Lunar Empire might feel the same of destroyed RM-Temple as i feel of the WTC-Buildings brought my terror and sorrow back.

I couldn´t help me, but to write it down. Maybe i should have keept it to myself. Maybe the Digest was the wrong place for it. I am really sorry if i might have hurt someones feelings with this mail.



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