Re: The God Sim

From: Dave Camoirano <>
Date: Sat, 22 Sep 2001 22:31:49 -0400

Alex Furguson:

>>> Are we playing Glorantha, the God Sim, in which
>>> we want to quantify the amount of collateral
>>> worship that "flows" between the two?
>> No, but that would be a fun game, too.

>I don't doubt it. Someone'll have to write it
>sometime... (Maybe using the Civ "engine"?)

While not quite what the thread is about, I made a Civ II mod a few years back that included the names of leaders, locations and wonders of Glorantha. I'd created a website for help in adding to and improving on the mod and for a while there was a lot of activity although there hasn't been for a few years now. Check out to get what's there. And if anyone has any more input, please let me know. I still use the mod myself but haven't worked on it in quite some time.


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