Pentans and Elf Sea

From: Peter Metcalfe <>
Date: Wed, 17 Oct 2001 20:09:53 +1300

Oliver Bernuetz:

>TI>And I guess it is one of Greg Stafford Secret? Elf Sea is Origin of Horse
> >Pentan Riders: I think the article of "Ancestors of the Lenshi Kings
> >(1998): Hurfor and the Starlight Tribe" hinted this origin. As if they
> >were RW Scythians who lived near of Caspian Sea. Maybe Berenethtelli,
> >Pelandan Lenshi, Jenarong Dynasty and Hyaloring in GROY are all
> >descendants from that Area.

>Hmm, interesting. I'm not familiar with that article but I don't think the
>Pentans originate from the Elf Sea area.

They don't. What the myth speaks of is that Hurfor led the Ancestors tribe northwards from the war zone with the forest people (Aldryami) where they came into contact with the Kalrius people. The two tribes fought it out and their battles created the Elf Sea (one tribe summoned a huge block of ice and the other melted it). Thereafter the Starlight Ancestors tribe is created from the two tribes joining together and this tribe of horse people (in the GRAY) are the ancestors of the Lenshi, Jenarong and related tribes.

Now since the origin of the Ancestors tribe is south of the Elf Sea, they are almost certainly Votanki or related to them (a difference is they don't have dogs but they do have goats). Hence the Kalrius people are the origin of the horses of the Starlight Ancestors. The Kalrius are stated as having moved into that region so their origin is elsewhere - most probably Pent.

I don't believe the Hyalorings of Saird are descended from the Starlight Ancestors for the simple reason that the Jenarong derided them as the Liars tribe (and they aren't also listed among the horse tribes).

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