Seven Mothers & Moons

Date: Thu, 1 Nov 2001 17:36:56 EST

Seven Mothers & Moons

By the way, the runes given in Hero Wars imply the following associations: Irripi Ontor / Zaytenera
Yanafal Tarnils / Natha
Jakaleel / Gerra
Deezola / Lesilla

and i'm pretty sure about
Verithurusa / Teelo Norri
and of course
Rashorana / She Who Waits

That leaves Danfive Xaron / Orogeria.

He did the most dangerous part of the ritual, could there be a link? (I thought Gerra was the most difficult, if not dangerous). IIRC he was the first guy to see the Red Goddess when she was back (I guess that if the Mothers' path was mapped on the Goddess's path in Entekosiad, the Goddess herself could be in the middle, or, for the Tarshites, Ernalda).


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