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<< The Forwards Faction expended most of  their spiritual energies in hastening the coming of the grand  dragon. Their popular support began to dwindle due to difference  between the exalted nature of the leaders and the little improvement  in the nature of the masses. The leaders disturbed by this realize  that the policies of the Forwards is unsustainable - eventually  the populace will revolt for they will no longer believe the austere  regime will lead to the promised "good times". The new way, the  Here-and-Nows, decide on a more sedate pace of progress that enriches  the masses to keep them happy. >>

I think this is a reasonable way of summarizing what was probably a complicated political and religious situation. The way I see it, there were many variant understandings of dragon-thinking within the Wyrms Mind Collective. Those whose version of EWF was more pragmatic in it's approach to government would end up running the government, those who just wanted to become dragons might go off and become dragons but they would not get entangled in worldly concerns about governments, taxes, etc. It seems natural that this would happen; that the collective would become an empire, run by those interested in running an empire. Whether you class this as cynical, corrupt, more sedate, pragmatic, sustainable , Here-and-Now, or as a confusing mixture of any and all of these is probably a matter for Gloranthan historians to debate, or for Imperial Age Narrators to discover in their games.


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