Re: Illusion

From: Paul McDonald <paul_mcdonald_at_...>
Date: Wed, 16 Feb 2000 13:31:59 -0800

"steve lieb" <styop-_at_...> wrote:

> Here's the context I thought about (let's use a very common example):
> The players are the carls of a village, and are tasked with it's
> protection (sort of a HW+KoDP setting).

I have been trying to run (with varying levels of success) a "carls of the village" game for several years now. I am hopeing that HW will make this easier, but I am unsure of how to set the level of detail. Hero Wars is flexible enough to cover a wide range of contests, but at some point I am going to have to sit down and figure out exactly how this is going to play.

An extended contest against "manage stead"? A series of contests involving farming, animal husbandry, villiage trade, politics, hunting, ect? I get the feeling that folks are going to try a wide range of things - most of which will not work that well, until they hit on what works for them.

What is my point? I think Hero Wars, while very cool, involves a good bit more tweaking by the GM than most games I have played. Pendragon Pass had a reasonable set of "stead management" rules, and perhaps Hero Wars will come with something like this out of the box. I doubt it though... Looks like we will have to put on our thinking caps and reinvent the wheel.

Hopefully it will be a better wheel this time around! :)

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