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Date: Tue, 29 Feb 2000 18:01:05 +0000

In message <libSDtMail.200002290900.27322.granvold_at_futhark>, Tom Granvold <Thomas.Granvold_at_...> writes
>> In the G-Digest I asked if my definition of heroes could be Gloranthan. Here
>> I ask if, since in the HW-rules a definition of heroes is given (a
>> subjective definition, according to the players' POV), my defintion could
>> fit the rules.

What I'm about to put forward isn't Gloranthan canon, it's what I've come up with as useful to me when I'm thinking about what Heroes are in Glorantha.

Although Gloranthans use the term as loosely as anyone in the RW, it does have a precise theological meaning. A Hero is a mortal person who has become as much part of the God-Plane structure of the world as any deity. He is imitated by living people in ritual and in HeroQuest in the same way as a god is and lives, undying, on the God-Plane.

A Hero is not just someone who performs a HeroQuest. Almost all of the great and good of Glorantha owe part of their strength and ability to venturing onto the Other Side and recreating acts of their Divine Patrons.

A Hero isn't even someone who has gone onto the God-Plane and done Something New, striking off the paths carved out by previous Questers to find new powers and knowledge.

A Hero is someone who has created a new path *and brought it back to his people*. A Hero has not kept his knowledge and power to himself: he has created his own following, started his own cult and mystery and recreates what he did in ritual every Sacred Time.

Yes, in that sense it is doubtful if Harrek is a Hero. His power is great but it is not shared.

Michael Cule

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