Re: Actual Rules Question!

From: KYER, JEFFREY <jeff.kyer_at_...>
Date: Thu, 02 Mar 2000 16:27:31 -0500

"W. Quadros" wrote:
> Hello All,
> "kyer, jeffrey" <jeff.kye-_at_...> asked:
> > How do you handle it when one side has missles and some of another
> does
> > not?
> >
> > What skill will the dfending PC use against the incoming slings and
> > arrow? The Player wanted his sword and shield skill to count but
> since
> I think this would depend on what the characters elected to do about
> the incoming fire.
> If they return fire then they would use their archery.

Yes, but the question I asked was, WHAT IF THEY ELECT NOT TO RETURN FIRE.
> If they decided to rush up and club the archers then maybe a "run
> fast" or "dodge" contest against the archer. The *transfer* would be

I'd use it if they had it. Of course, their APs are based on Close Combat.

> distance. If the players won they they had forced the archers into
> close combat. If the archer won then there were several pin cushions
> littering the field.

I do not think this is the case. Movement is independant of the success of any single contest.

> If the players decided to leg-it then run, dodge, ride could all be
> used again to get out of range or field of fire.

Yes, but again, the problem is that movement is an indepndant function (especially if you just wish to forfeit and close -- THAT is the situation I am looking at)  

> Personally, my wind-lord would throw a whirl-wind at them. >:-)

That resorts to having what is in effect, a ranged attack, which was not the question...  

> > Also, I'm tired of the biggest fighter on the PC side 'powering up' by
> > eating the trollkin (or minor bandits or whatever). Players are
> starting
> In our game each fight is one contest. When you start a new contest
> you restart at normal AP. If you want to eat all of the enlo then you
> are going to face them all at your beginning AP and allowing your
> friends to fight the nasty foes without you.

No, this was not quite what asking about. I was talking about multiple foes. You know, several heroes on one side, several NPCS on the other? the multiple person extended conflict.

At the end of THIS, yes, the APs reset to zero. But during this conflict, a character is usually free to choose who he is fighting in a wild melee. And in ranged combat, of course, you pick your targets.


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