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From: W. Quadros <wquadros_at_...>
Date: Thu, 02 Mar 2000 15:54:21 -0800

"kyer, jeffrey" <jeff.kye-_at_...> wrote:
> > If they decided to rush up and club the archers then maybe a "run
> > fast" or "dodge" contest against the archer. The *transfer* would
> I'd use it if they had it. Of course, their APs are based on Close
> Combat.

If they don't have an applicable skill then use the cultural default, I think it is 16. Why would the APs be based on close combat? If you force the archer to close combat then you start a new contest with both of you using close combat, until then the APs are based on the skill you using.

> > distance. If the players won they they had forced the archers into
> > close combat. If the archer won then there were several pin
> > littering the field.
> I do not think this is the case. Movement is independant of the
> of any single contest.

It depends on the contest. We were just talking a few posts ago about foot races being resolved with contests. This is a race, can you get close before getting killed.

> > If the players decided to leg-it then run, dodge, ride could all
> > used again to get out of range or field of fire.
> Yes, but again, the problem is that movement is an indepndant function
> (especially if you just wish to forfeit and close -- THAT is the
> situation I am looking at)

If you are looking at just charging resolutely into combat ignoring the arrows then use the optional wounding rule. If the archers get a success and the final result (after considering armour) is 7 AP loss to the target then inflict a wound (-1 penalty on all actions until healed). IMO you would still use the target's run/dodge/skinny/ etc skill to oppose the archery skill.

> > In our game each fight is one contest. When you start a new contest
> > you restart at normal AP. If you want to eat all of the enlo then
> > are going to face them all at your beginning AP and allowing your
> > friends to fight the nasty foes without you.
> No, this was not quite what asking about. I was talking about
> foes. You know, several heroes on one side, several NPCS on the
> the multiple person extended conflict.

I know that is what you were asking. I was telling you how we resolve that situation. 5 pcs face off with 5 npcs = 5 seperate extended contests. If there are 15 npcs, then each time the pcs fight a new npc it is a new extended contest starting from scratch again.

We do not use the group extended contest.

Now if you are dead-set on using the group contest then you have to take other things into consideration when looking at a hero with 5 dead bodies at his feet and 150 APs in his pocket. Everybody else in the oppotion is scared white of this person(thus at a disadvantage and thus he has more AP), maybe he has maneouvered himself behind the rest of the foes (more AP) etc.

I also do not see any way for a person to enter a group extended contest after it has begun. (IE the guards call for help and the reinforcements arrive 5 rounds later). This is one of the reasons we use individual contests. But this makes it a moot point that a PC is standing there with 150 AP after the fight because there is not anybody else to fight him while he has that reserve. If somebody else then enters the room a new contest results and the PC is back to normal.

For those who think that the heroes should be tired, wounded etc after a big fight and are annoyed that that does not happen then you need to use the wound rule. Any transfer of 7 pts or more can be exchanged for a wound that inflicts a -1 penalty until healed; in this case no transfer of APs happens but the character has just taken a 5% drop to their skill.

JMO, Wesley

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