Storm Bull/Urox

From: Roderick and Ellen Robertson <rjremr_at_...>
Date: Tue, 7 Mar 2000 16:08:27 -0800

> Well, I'm warning you. Altering SB/Urox in any way will cause more
> anguish than the Yelmalio/Elmal fiasco did...

Smiley when you say that, pardner..

So, how would *you* present SB/Urox? is he:

  1. A spirit from Prax that is worshipped by the Heortlings as a God (Misapplied worship is more "expensive" than other types of worship as far as spending hero points for affinities/feats/etc)
  2. A spirit from Prax that is worshipped in animistic rites (cutting the worshippers off from the the rest of (theistic) heortling society)
  3. A god from DP worshipped by the praxians as a spirit cult (misapplied worship again)
  4. A god from DP that is worshipped as such by the praxians (cutting them off from the rest of (animistic) Praxian society)
  5. two different beings that happen to share a lot of attributes
  6. two different beings joined into one by the God Learners
  7. a transcendent being that has a Spirit aspect and a God aspect
  8. Something else entirely...

Since *we* aren't sure what the heck he is, maybe someone out there has a good answer...

To my mind, the Parts of the Bull really look animistic. They are easily modeled under Animist magic (as temporary Integrations most likely).


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