Re: limitting oponent skill and gambling 0 AP

From: Morthander <morthander_at_...>
Date: Fri, 10 Mar 2000 09:12:09 -0800

> Michael's point still holds, though, but you have to think in terms
of skill
> pairs.
> Great Troll has 'Great Axe' at 10w2 and 'Witty Repartie' at 6.
> Oscar Wilde has 'Witty Repartie' at 10w2 and 'slap' at 6.
> In HW they are evenly matched.

Personally I would and never have ran this kind of thing in a HW game. If you wish to use a skill like witty repartie, then I would rule that it has to be in context. ie you have to be in a debate situation or a conversation of some kind. If you are being assailed by the _berserk_ troll, you would have no chance at all of engaging it in witty repartie in my games and any player who suggested it to my face would have to try using said skill on the frothing GM as he leapt over his table with murder in his eyes.

The troll could be talked to in a non-combat situation and defeated in this manner. If you really beat him I'd actually rule that he was weakened morale wise in any future conflicts.

Conversely were you engaged in a sword fight of three musketeers style with parry and thrust, I would allow a mid fight Augment to your skill with your sword if you could overcome your opponent in witty repartee with a simple resolution role. This would simulate the hero scoring a telling point about the villians mum or some other comment which makes him lose it and thus puts him at a skill disadvantage.

What we are talking about here is just basic GMing. A GM should be able to alter the rules and tweak them at a moments notice to fit the speed and style of play. Only slavish adherance to the rules over extreme points can cause these problems.


Martin Laurie

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