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From: Roderick and Ellen Robertson <rjremr_at_...>
Date: Tue, 14 Mar 2000 18:47:04 -0800

> Have I understood this correctly:
> Against, say, 3 attackers:
> My first defense would be normal
> My second at -3
> My third at -6


> If I was making 3 attacks, however, all three attacks would be at -6.
> Is that right?

No, you only get to make one "attack" per round (but as many defense rolls as you need, with appropriate penalties). In this particular case you make *one* attack roll with a -6 penalty.

>From the rules:

"In some cases your hero may wish to attack multiple opponents in a single exchange. You may do so against any number of opponents, although you suffer a �3 modifier for each opponent in addition to the first. If the contest has a physical element to it, the narrator will allow you to aggress against only those characters within your reach. You make your action roll as normal. Each of your opponents makes an action roll to defend; only the best result of any of the opponents is used. So, each additional opponent significantly increases the chance that one of the opposing rolls will be better than yours. If you succeed against all your opponents, you divide the AP loss up between your targets as you wish. If you fail and must transfer points, the opponent who rolled lowest gets the benefit of the transfer."

> Now followers can reduce these penalties, however I'm not sure that this
> rule is a good idea. Let me give an example:
> Jrrrz the great troll has skill 10w2 with a Pole Axe ('tickler', with an
> extra +5 edge - who said there were no +1 swords in Glorantha:-)) and
> lead plate mail also enchanted to +5. His skill is therefore 10w2 ^ 10 (I
> think I've got this right - edgewise). He has 50 APs and is, I'm sure
> all agree, a bit of a dude.

His pole axe and armor ranks aren't added together - his armor edge is opposed by his opponent's armor edge, and vice versa. The skill would be written 10w2^5, and the armor would be a seperate rating.

But yes, he is a bit of a dude.

> He has three followers, all trollkin, stark-bollock naked, wielding
> They have a skill of 6 and 6 AP.
> If Jrrrz and his trollkin were treated as individuals, the encounter would
> have:
> a) One 'attack' at 10w2^10
> b) One 'defense' at 10w2^10
> c) Three 'attacks' at 6
> d) Three 'defenses' at 6

Not necessarily. You only make a defense roll if someone attacks you - the opponents could decide to whittle down his trollkin first. Or they might decide to all attack Jrrrz, getting multiple attacker mods.

> If Jrrrz used his trollkin as followers, then the encounter would present
> you with:
> a) Four 'attacks' at 10w2^10
> b) Four 'defenses' at 10w2^10

Nope, he'd get *one* attack at 10w2^5, with 50+(3x6)=68AP. He can fight up to 4 opponents with no penalties (either for attack or defense). However, if he gets hit for a 6 AP loss, he loses one follower, at 12 AP he loses another, and at 18 the last, possibly getting penalties for multiple attack/defense as his trollkin are "worn away".

Hope this helps,

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