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From: Wulf Corbett <wulfc_at_...>
Date: Tue, 28 Mar 2000 13:37:19 -0800

"kyer, jeffrey" <jeff.kye-_at_...> wrote: original article:
> > Lets get some building going, rather than succumbing to doom and
> If nothing else, the example adventure in the Demo book (and in the
> Narrator's book) has some excellent 'walk through' material on how to
> conduct tests and how to run Feats.

Let me again remind folk my comment was concerning the lack of ability/affinity description, NOT the system. Personally I find it a great relief to get away from the number-heavy RQ style, even if my regular group finds it difficult to roleplay anything more expressive than a mollusc (I cannot remember the last time any of them spoke in 'first person' even).
My concern is for the sales, and the new players. I can already imagine the complaints about the 'missing chapter' with all the skill and spell descriptions... We here, all Glorantha veterans, are having the odd spot of bother, what wil totally new players think?

However, resigned to the fact that it's gone to the printers, so too late anyway, how about giving me a couple of bits of advice: 1) How to handle an ambush. Simple Contest Ambush vs. Detect Ambush, followed by whatever is dictated by the results? Or Close Combat augmnented by Ambush straight into an Extended Contest? 2) Am I right in assuming an attack on a helpless opponent (0 AP, or Ambushed for instance) is just a matter of piling on all the AP you have, with no potential reply?

I'm still worried about archery too... I AM an arrow counter, you just can't carry more than a dozen or so around usefully ready to shoot, I've tried!


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