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From: Shannon R. Wright <shwright17sons_at_...>
Date: Thu, 16 Aug 2001 21:57:51 -0000

I tried to get Greg's opinion on this , but it seems he is busy at this time. So I pose these questions to you Good Folk. ............Long ago in a game far,far away there were companies named Chaosium, TSR, Avalon Hill, Hasbro, Etc..... Now I started my RPG education on Runequest 1. I loved the percentile system with skills much better than TSR's AD&D. I still do, even though 3rd Ed. AD&D looks more like RQ as we speak. Anyway, Chaosium had a Golden age of RQ, CoC,Thieves World, etc...... Then they did the Unspeakable act. They sold Runequest to a Board, wargame company-AH. I still despise that day. And of course AH changed Runequest for the worse. Lucky for us Greg kept Glorantha. Thank God. Now fastforward to today. AH is no more- bought by Hasbro I think. And Wizards of the Coast buy TSR. Now Hasbro buys Wizards and Chaosium has a new partner named Issaries. Issaries then makes "Hero Wars" and returns to making stuff for it in Glorantha. Praise Be !! But this new stuff is not RQ. BOO ! So now here is a wonderful question. Since Hasbro is the Big bully on the Game Block,. What are the doing with their old holdings of Avalon Hill & Runequest?? Can Issaries/Chaosium get RQ back?? Is it worth it?? What about all the TSR/ Wizards stuff?? are they going to continue it or put it on the Back Burner?? I have looked at 3rd Ed. AD&D and actually like it a little with the mod's they have put in. But I'm worried about getting anything if Hasbro is
going  to "Shelf"  it.................And for all  you  HW  fan's,  
maybe it's just a case of "Ahuld Gamers Disease". I just like RQ 1&2 better than any other fantasy RPG. I like Rurik,Bladesong,& Goobag and I'm happy that I still have all the old stuff--Pavis,Big Rubble,CoPrax&Terror,Griffen,Apple Lane,SPHollow, Etc.........I just wish Issaries/Chaosium could put out/reprint old thing(Wyrm's foot) and new stuff now for both RQ and HW. I do not hate Hero Wars, I just really do not like the system and I do not have the 50-100 dollars to invest in books to be able to play and run properly. Living on S.S. Disability sucks!! Pray you never have a life changing accident. There is some good, but a whole lot of bad too.
  So I ask again. Is RQ salvagable?? Is it worth it?? Is there much to convert HW to RQ?? does anyone have an easy system tool to do it?? Or am I just too far gone to care??

Hope this makes you think about where we came from at least.Thanks to all who respond to this old gamers ramblings. May Yelm bless you with many more sunset's.


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