RE: Re: Need a little help with heroquests

From: Peter Larsen <plarsen_at_...>
Date: Thu, 23 Aug 2001 16:18:34 -0500

Oliver Bernuetz says:

>I like this but is there a level at which someone cannot benefit from a HQ
>due to their stature or is that level only reached by uber-uber-characters?

        Well, there may be many heroquests where the reward is pretty trivial to the very powerful. If you are likely to get Great Leap 10W as the prize, it's not too attractive if you already have a Movement affinity 15W3. Or a cool sword feat might not be worth the bother to a Death Sword with Strongblade affinity and cool sword feats out the wazoo. Of course, he might do the quest just to show Humakt's power or because it's a "prerequisite" or another, harder quest, or just becasue Humakt (or the hero whose route the Death Sword is following) did it. Remember, just because you don't get a cool power is no reason to do the quest. Someone has to make the barley grow, the rivers flow, and the Sun come up.

Peter Larsen

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