Re: How to handle Obligations?

From: Roderick and Ellen Robertson <rjremr_at_...>
Date: Sun, 16 Apr 2000 16:26:16 -0700

> >One thing that puzzles me about the new rules is how to handle the
> >various obligations for the magic keywords. In the case of theists
> >intiates and devotees have to spend,resectively, 30% and 60% of their
> >time, energy and resources in worship. On one hand, I don't want to
> >have to tell someone to sit out an adventure because his character is
> >a devotee, but on the other hand there must be some price for this or
> >no one will want to play initiates, or other lower rank keywords. Any
> >suggestions?

> Well, that's exactly what you DO have to do if the adventure doesn't
> fit with their cult obligations, that's the point of it. Of course,
> there are lots of ways round it, multiple characters are obvious, and
> my first choice as a player. two or three with differing obligations
> and skills, one the 'major' character, the others to fill in when
> he/she is unavailable.
> Another is fitting the character's obligations into the adventure -
> devotees don't all have to sit around in a temple chanting mantras and
> contemplating their navels, Uroxi (when we get to see them) will spend
> a lot of their time out hunting chaos, whether they like it or not!

These obligations aren't new to HW - RuneQuest had a similar system for Lay members, Initiates and Rune-levels. trying to run a party of a Sun Domer, an Orlanthi, a Zorak Zorani and a Humakti Duck always had these problems. "We can't go this week, I have to attend my High Holy day, quakbert has to spend 90% of his time at temple and Uzgosh is out smashing chaos"...


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