Re: Dropping Action Points

From: Alexandre Lanciani <alexanl_at_...>
Date: Wed, 19 Apr 2000 09:48:30 +0200

Dave Bell:

> Some suggested tweaks.
> 1. Somone in a very early post (sorry I can't find it at the moment)
> pointed out that in a contest between an ability 4W and an ability 4,
> when BOTH succeed the low ability is disproportionally liable to win
> the contest.
> One way to avoid this is to revert to the Pendragon dice result where
> the HIGHEST roll wins. Unlike Pendragon though, 1 remains a critical
> and of course criticals always beat normal successes. The 4 can still
> beat the 4W but must now roll 4 or less but higher than the 4W -
> possible but less likely.

        Perhaps too counterintuitive? You'd have to roll high but if you can roll very low then it'd be better. In my (still all too short) experience in running HW randomness isn't a worse problem than in other games, especially since probably 4w will just suffer a marginal defeat. The AP system IMO gives in the long run advantage to the higher skill.

> 2. The system allows for someone to be fought down to zero AP and out
> but then to regain AP (through an opponent's failure or via a loan)
> and to leap to their feet once more, possibly with no detrimental
> effects. In order that the temporary defeat means something the dazed
> result could include a -1 ability modifier (either as a wound or as
> something more temporary). Thus a Dazed result could have a tangible
> and possibly more lasting effect.

        I prefer reading dazed as defeated without lasting consequence. It creates situations which are more heroic IMO.

> Dave Bell
> The more I learn, the less I know - and at the rate I'm learning,
> pretty soon I'll know nothing at all.

        Great sign! I will have to develop one of my own...;-/

	A developing Alex.

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