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From: ian_hammond_cooper <ian_hammond_cooper_at_...>
Date: Fri, 15 Feb 2002 11:31:54 -0000

Graham Robinson wrote:
>here are some tricks I am picking up running PCs with higher
>skills than joe clan average

> This is something I keep seeing on this list. Someone raises a
query about the rules,<

OK, but I thought that your original comment was that you felt unhappy running characters with masteries because you had no idea how to make the W2 Tarsh warband a challenge. I was suggesting some ways to do that. If they are no use to you fine, ignore them. I did comment that they might not be of use to you, but was posting them so others could use them, and I asked that they might provide me with their own tricks. Which would have bee useful to me, if not to you. Perhaps I should have started a new thread.

> I'm tempted to do one of two things - issue a blanket ban ("I
don't want to run past 5W3,

It is a time-tested solution to retire characters who reach a level that you are unhappy with and replace them with more junior characters keeping the big guns for one-off adventures.

>so you can't have characters past that") or seriously
increase the cost of increases past a reasonable point, probably to one HP per mastery minimum.

Well you could introduce a scale that makes each increase progressively harder so you could double costs for each 10 point jump above W2 (which seems to be our comfort cut-off point).  

Ian Cooper

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