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From: Darran <darransims_at_...>
Date: Mon, 29 Apr 2002 16:16:41 +0100

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Alex Ferguson wrote:
> Nic Hughes:
> > >
> > > This requires not just that you take your action "out of sequence",
> > > but that you're allowed a lending action _after_ an action is
> > resolved,
> > > but before it takes "effect".
> >
> > This opens a whole other can of worms, when does the effect of an
> > extended contest take effect. I tend to go with the view that its
> > all a bit open to interpretation until the end of the contest at
> > which point participants start noticing those wounds they picked up
> > along the way etc. You generally know if you are getting the upper
> > hand or not but the finer details are lost in the melee, this gives a
> > lot of for narrative manouvre although it certainly can feel a bit
> > uncomfortable when still adjusting from more "crunchy" game systems.
> Sure, but what you're omitting is "when does the contest end?". If
> a contestant is below 0AP, then, unless he invokes some special
> power (like a Secret), or takes a Final Action, then For Him, the
> Contest Is Over, surely? The Edwards example plays _very_ fast and
> loose with this, is my feeling.

One example I have seen where an contestant came back from the brink and won his contest is in the Mel Gibson movie 'The Patriot'. [the Americans among you will have seen this I sure.]
The Patriot's son (Heath Ledger) chases after the British baddie after his newly wedded wife was burnt inside the church. He and his group caught up with the Dragoons and a small battle ensued. The Characters dropped out as each lost their AP bids until the son and the British baddie are left.
The Patriot's son bids high and wins! The British baddie drops to the ground 'apparently' dead. The British baddie has lost more than 15AP in that exchange and so has a grievous wound and is hurt. The Patriot's son goes in to finish him off and deliver the coup de gr,ce. The British baddie uses his 'Cowardly but Dastardly Pretend You're Dead Until Your Enemy Stands Over Your Body Then Unexpectedly Spin around and Fatally Stab Him' feat that all British baddies have. This would have been a Final Action.
The Patriot's son has lost the contest and the British baddie flees the scene badly hurt and with no followers left. Mel Gibson gets there in time to see his son die heroically but can't lend him any APs to get him back on his feet again. Shame!


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