RE: Fw: Invisibility and Making Affinities

From: Weihe, David <Weihe_at_...>
Date: Wed, 10 May 2000 15:39:07 -0400

> From: Robin D. Laws [mailto:rdl_at_...]
> Most of these are controllable under the HW system because it
> allows for/relies on degrees of success.
> Whereas invisibility is not only problematic, it's
> binary -- either you succeed in becoming invisible, or
> you don't. The degree of success only comes into play
> for the effect's duration.

That depends on how you define it. There is D&D Invisibility

(similar to RQ2, but with more flavors), Gradual Transparency
(ala Predator movies), and No One Here But Us Chickens
(people see you as something that belongs there, or don't
bother noticing that you don't belong). The last two can handle degrees of success by defeating better or closer scans, with environmental effects (hard to be one of a crowd in an empty room, easier to disappear at night or in a fog) modifying the result.

As the old RQ variable spells will all be different, why not Invisibility as well. Invisible Opponents have been such a big feature of stories for ages, it would be awful to lose it entirely.

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