RE: Fw: Invisibility and Making Affinities

From: Dave Bailey <db_at_...>
Date: Thu, 11 May 2000 10:24:37 +0100

There's also the classic it only makes you invisible not all of your equipment, swords and the horse you rode in on......


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PS If you're really nasty you can extend that to dirt, woad markings, nose rings and that arrow tip still embedded in your hip from last season........

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> Subject: SV: Fw: Invisibility and Making Affinities
> Robin D. Laws:
> > Most of these [potential game-breaking effects] are controllable under
> the HW system because it
> > allows for/relies on degrees of success.
> I agree. Games that do that (and not just give you a binary
> success/failure result) are my favorites; much easier to GM.
> > Whereas invisibility is not only problematic, it's
> > binary -- either you succeed in becoming invisible, or
> > you don't. The degree of success only comes into play
> > for the effect's duration.
> As people have said, it need not be binary. Just like I would govern
> illusory disguises, only a very good roll would be without flaws a
> perceptive opponent would detect:
> *You can be seen in a mirror.
> *Your shadow is visible.
> *You are visible when people are not looking directly at you - then you
> fade from view (the classic "corner of my eye thing")
> *Anyone who actually _cares_ to see whether someone is there has a fair
> chance of spotting you.
> *(classic D&D) I you do something extreme, like attacking someone, the
> ability's effect on people's minds ("He is not important - ignore him.
> Ignore him. Ignore him.") stops working, and survival instinct screams
> that you are really there - dodge, dodge I say!
> And so on.
> Erik
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