Re: Donandar magic keyword

From: Alexandre Lanciani <alexanl_at_...>
Date: Sat, 13 May 2000 09:58:48 +0200


> The Runic Classification that Trotsky's using was cut from the Narrator's
> book (and will appear on the website as soon as I can get the
> files over to
> Nils).

[runic snip]

        Thanks for the explanations. The system is pretty straightforward and intuitive IMO.

> There will be musicians in Thunder Rebels.

        I hope there will be musician in SGU, too! Side question: will SGU be published before TR?

> Gloranthan Illusions are, as we remember from RQ, a temporary reality. The
> Secret that Donandar knows is that *all* reality is temporary - everything
> is illusion (though much longer-lived than ones you can create via magic).
> Until greg and I nail down the cult (and even after if you don't like our
> interpretation, I suppose), how this is manifested is up to you,
> but it more
> matches "Swap Places" than "Harmonize"

        I may also like your interpretation (even if it gives more importance to Illusion than Harmony IMO - of course my interpretation gave too much importance to Harmony over Illusion) but then may I suggest you to change or remove the myth from the website, before it deludes someone else? Because it presents a different Donandar than the one you are now describing.

        Anyway, like I said, I will settle for two Donandars: the Storm one, whose secret is Switch Places (and who exhibits many similarities with the Trickster, and whose worshippers are cautioned to not dwell too much in the realm of illusion lest they lose their connection with reality) and the Solar one (the one of my campaign, being set as it is in the LE) who gives preference to music (and hence to Harmony) over Illusion and whose secret is Harmonize.

	A musical Alex.

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