Re: Worldscale again

From: wulfcorbett <wulfc_at_...>
Date: Mon, 19 Aug 2002 11:56:44 -0000

One of the problems here is the word 'Sprint'. Human atheletes may Sprint, but no animal will push itself to the limit until it MUST to save it's life. The human sprinters (the winners anyway) will have a couple of masteries of Sprint - maybe 5W2 to 15W2 - and will regularly achieve if not exceed 10 m/s to 12 m/s. But that's absolute flat out, in an absolutely straight line, in perfect conditions (well, exceedingly wet the weekend past, but still they managed 10 m/s). Personally, I'd say your 30 kph was acceptable for a Gloranthan running across a field in everyday clothing, carrying a spear, with Run fast 5W2.  

> You misunderstand my point of view.I tried to figure damage derived
from mass
> only, and i think that tramplingdamage comes mostly from mass not
> so this was a good occasion.

This just won't work. WHERE does this elephant trample you? Your head? Stomach? Arm? Hand? Each will produce a different effect (and volume of screaming).

> I donīt think so and if itīs true, the supersprinter could catch a
gepard, no
> ?!

What's a gepard, is that a Cheetah? Exactly how fast they run is open to some dispute (chasing after them through the scrub in a Land Rover is not a very scientific method of measurement!), but at a conservative estimate they can probably manage about 14-15 m/s. Handily, that's 150% of the sprinters I mentioned earlier... Therfore, I'd put a Cheetah at +10 or +20 over what I consider the BEST human (mundane) sprinter, say 5W3.  

> 15W2-7kmh

more like 12-17 - the numbers get a bit funny under 20, there's no point having anything under 12. A tortoise has Slow 5W, not Fast 2...

> 5W3-15kmh

more like 5W-15W

> 15W3-30kmh

more like 5W2-15W2

> 5W4-60kmh


> 15W4-120kmh


Always remember, the 'maximum' measured is probably an animal that's augmented with everything it's got, used a Hero Point, and rolled a crit! You want the AVERAGE speed.


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