Re: Last actions as played

From: t_m_ellis <tim_at_...>
Date: Tue, 03 Sep 2002 23:20:23 -0000

> Under the Convulsion-draft rules:

Accepting thta these may still change, can I ask for jsut one more clarification...

> Example:
> Joe and his buddies are trying to rescue Sally from the evil
>magician. In the climactic battle between the Magician's flying
>gorillas and the party, Oggo beats Joe to -14AP. The next round, Oggo
>turns away to deal with Bill.
> Joe uses his "Love Sally 17" to pull himself together.
> The roll is a Simple
> 17 vrs 14, and Joe rolls.
> On a Complete Success, he'll get 34 AP (2x the ability rating)

Taking him to a total of 20AP (34-14)?

> On a Minor or Major, he'll regain 17 Ap (1x the AR)

 Leaving him on just 3AP (17-14)?

> You can only attempt an FA *once* each time you drop under 1 AP -

So if he had been reduced to -18 AP Joe's "Love Sally" would only be of any use if he fould ensure a Complete success. he can't use it to get to -1 then try and use his "Friend of Bill 13" to rejoin the fight.

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