Re: Re: Decimal Hero Wars.

From: Alex Ferguson <abf_at_...>
Date: Thu, 9 Jan 2003 23:38:45 +0000 (GMT)

> Surely you'd decimalise masteries, at the same time you decimalise
> every other ability and opposition rating in the game.
> Simple example: old rating of 1w5 = 25, halve that to 12 (or 13,
> depending how you round), then roll against an ability rating of 2
> (or 3) on 1D10, applying one "mastery" bump (for the +10) to the
> result. It's so simple, I can't see what your problem is.
> Instead of being weird suffixes (10w4), they become prefixes (45).

Exactly my plan. (Which I've never yet gotten around to implementing, despite at least one of my players being a sucker for it, on the basis of his on-going complaints about the 19->20->1W "non-improvement" false flat.)

My scheme, though, decimalises as above, but is resolved with _D12s_. Any roll of 1-10 is a success or a failure -- no fumble or crit on 1 or 10. But an 11 is "roll again and bump up", and a 12 is "roll again and bump down". So it's decimal, has no "'round-mastery plateau", is open-ended in the level of result you can get (successive 12s followed by a "fail" would a double-fumble, in effect), and makes the progression in chances to fumble or crit a little more smooth. I'm sure I posted an (even) more long-winded message on this a while back.

> > And I hate fumbles, they always piss my players off
> De gustibus. I love them, myself.

I think that RQ was a game in which fumble-hating was a legitimate sport. HW makes them significant, without being in any real danger of being game-ruining. (Though admittedly, when one of my players rolled back to back fumbles in a HQ that he had very little preparation for, and if anything even less of a notion of the pertinent myth...)


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