Re: Guess what... another demo-related question

From: Roderick and Ellen Robertson <rjremr_at_...>
Date: Tue, 16 May 2000 10:43:17 -0700

> >If you are taking an unrelated action, you're busy doing 'something
> >else' that does not concern the conflict at hand directly. You will
> >defend normally, I think. Afterall you are forfeiting your action but
> >not your attention to the battle.

> So if you are NOT the 'Actor', you can defend, fine - but with what
> Ability? Since you're making an 'Unrelated Action', presumably you are
> using a non-defensive Ability/Affinity. So do you get to make TWO
> rolls, one Unrelated, one related (and presumably defensive)?

I think I see the problem perhaps the action sequence needs explanation: Exchange 1: The Actor makes an AP bid. The opponent defends (he *does not bid*).
Exchange 2: The Opponent makes an AP bid, the actor defends Exchange 3: The Actor bids, the opponent defends etc. until someone runs out of AP

The Actor can take an unrelated action on "his" exchanges. You can defend with any applicable ability on the opponent's exchanges. You need not use the same ability to attack & defend - you can use your Sword and shield to attack and dodge to defend, or try First aid on your buddy as your action and sword & shield to defend. There is no penalty for switching between abilities in the middle of a contest.

Some unrelated actions require a roll (First Aid), some don't (drawing a sword)

> Yes, but if you are the Actor, and make a non-AP Unrelated Action
> roll, can your opponent's action still cause an AP loss, and if so
> from what AP bid? And if it CAN'T cause AP loss, can it still cause
> the Unrelated Action to fail?

In most cases the opponent cannot stop your unrelated action.


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