Re: RE: Re: Changes from HeroWars to HeroQuest

From: Dave Camoirano <DaveCamo_at_...>
Date: Thu, 17 Apr 2003 13:13:04 -0400


> I don't think I'd actually mentioned what sort of campaign it was.
> In
> reality it's a continuation of my RQ3 campaign so I need animism
> unfortunately since one of the characters follows Waha. Looks
> like I'm
> going to have to wait since I can't tell what the differences are
> between
> all the types of common magic, i.e. who has them, how they get
> them, etc., etc. Oh well.

Are you going to try to "convert" the characters or "recreate" them?

> These are well-established characters so it's not at all unlikely that
> they're going to have more than one type of magic.

If they do have more than one type, it's most likely going to be their deity's magic type and common. Of the common magic, it will depend where they're from. If most of them are Heortlings, they'll probably only have talents (think of RQ Battle Magic). For the follower of Waha, he'll most likely have talents and charms (think fetishes that *only* provide an automatic augment, like a lucky charm), although feats and spells are also possible.

A character can still use common magic of the type he concentrates with no penalty (for instance, if your Waha guy concentrates animism, he can continue to use his common magic charms with no problem.)

Hope this helps!


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