RE: RE: Re: Changes from HeroWars to HeroQuest

From: bernuetz.oliver_at_...
Date: Thu, 17 Apr 2003 13:32:39 -0400

Hi Dave,

>Are you going to try to "convert" the characters or "recreate" them?

Hmm, bit of both I think. My plan is to help them create new characters and then beef them up to reflect how long they've been around.

>> These are well-established characters so it's not at all unlikely that
>> they're going to have more than one type of magic.

>If they do have more than one type, it's most likely going to be their
>deity's magic type and common. Of the common magic, it will depend
>where they're from. If most of them are Heortlings, they'll probably
>only have talents (think of RQ Battle Magic). For the follower of Waha,
>he'll most likely have talents and charms (think fetishes that *only*
>provide an automatic augment, like a lucky charm), although feats and
>spells are also possible.

So Waha provides feats like gods do? I was uncertain about that. I'd envisioned animist cultures as still following gods but with lots more spirits access. Are charms one use or multi-use? I hope they don't have to be reloaded like fetishes were.

>A character can still use common magic of the type he concentrates with
>no penalty (for instance, if your Waha guy concentrates animism, he can
>continue to use his common magic charms with no problem.)

>Hope this helps!

It does, thanks.


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