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From: Roderick and Ellen Robertson <rjremr_at_...>
Date: Wed, 23 Apr 2003 16:51:11 -0700

> Could anyone with acces and permission explain the difference between a HQ
> spirit ally and a fetch?

We'll use Mr Rabbit as our example - he is a Rabbit Spirit (duh) with Running 5w, Tunneling 19 and Good Hearing 10w.

Charm - A spirit stuck in a physical housing that provides one Automatic Augment (Hencesforth AA) in one ability. So If you have the Mr Rabbit Charm it will provide Running +2 OR Tunneling +2 OR Good Hearing +3 - but only one of these, which is determined by the maker.

Available to any Animist, no matter what his level of dedication or concetration of magic.

Fetish - A spirit befriended by the user and amicably housed in a physical object. The user may use any ability of the spirit's as an AA, or use the Spirit's ability instead of his own, or may Release the spirit to get the old AP battery effect or to add the spirit's ability straight to the user's. You must roll a contest against the spirit each time you release it - on any victory it works for you, on any defeat except Complete it doesn't come out, and on a complete defeat you have to re-bind it. If you have the Mr Rabbit Fetish, you can get the AA for any and all of Mr Rabbit's abilities.
You can use Mr Rabbit's abilities as if they were your own in a contest - using Running 5w instead of your own Run 17, frex. You can release Mr Rabbit and he will either give you AP or Add his ability to yours. (note that you don't get both effects, even if you release Mr Rabbit before a contest to boost your Starting Skill). Once Released, you have to wait a bit while Mr Rabbit goes back to his Den of Fuzzy Bunnies before returning to your fetish.

Available to Animists who have joined a Practice (a worship of a Major Spirit, like Waha or Eiritha within the Prax Tradition)

Spirit Ally - An equal partnership between the user (who has concentrated has magic) and the spirit. It is like a fetish with no "recharge time" between releasing the spirit. The Spirit can go in and out of the physical housing at will, and it never requires a contest to "release" it.

Mr Rabbit doesn't go back "home" to the Den of Fuzzy Bunnies between releasings. He just hops back into the fetish and waits for his carrot.

Available to Practitioners who have concentrated their magic.

Fetch - A unique part of a shaman that is a permanent contact with the Spirit World. It acts as a Follower to block Multiple Attacker penalties from noncorporeal foes. It gives the Shaman the Shamanic Escape and Spirit World travel abilities. It normally can only manifest on the Inner World when the Shaman is in the Spirit World (so you won't normally face a shaman *and* his fetch at the same time).

Only available to Shamans, who are practitioners of a Shamanic Practice (the Horned Man is the Shamanic Practice of the Praxian Tradition)

This is all taken from the GTA HeroQuest Debut book (GTA Hero version, at least).

Hope this helps,
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