RE: HW/Q Forgotten Realms?

From: James A. Holden <jaholden_at_...>
Date: Thu, 1 May 2003 14:36:57 -0700

Jane asks:

> Any idea if it would be possible to convert a D&D campaign to HW/Q?
> At present the PCs are all about level 4-6, so nothing *too* bad.

Ditto what Sben said. In regard to using HW/Q homelands, the 3rd ed. FR campaign setting book provides a nice list of regional feats and languages, as well as common occupations for regions and races.

I haven't tried a D&D* conversion myself, but I think I'd do the following for the numeric bits:

First, figure out the likely range of PC character levels. Is 20th level considered the peak of character progression in your game, or do you expect to be using epic level characters (level 21+)? IIRC, the Forgotten Realms setting has a number of epic level NPCs -- that setting's "heroes."

Second, spread the range of levels across HW/Q ability scores. A 1st-level D&D character might have scores lower than a normal starting character in HW. (Off the top of my head, I'd probably peg starting characters in HW somewhere in the low single-digit level range in D&D -- 2nd? 3rd? 4th?) Given your ideas about high-level characters above, try to anchor them somewhere appropriate in the multiple-mastery range. (The 3rd ed. DM's Guide has some tables on determining maximum character level by population, which might also provide benchmarks of a sort.) Once you have a low point and a high point, then you should be able to interpolate some reasonable HW ability scores for a character of a given level (or creature with a given number of hit dice).

Third, tinker. Some abilities will not be at "full strength" for a given level. If you decide that 10th level = XwY in HW, use that as the best score a character of that level would have. Fighters should have combat abilities at the score appropriate to their level; clerics and rogues less so. (Augmentations can still boost those abilities.)

My goal would be to produce something that works mechanically, without trying to compare it to HW/Q ability benchmarks. Given the evolution of HW ability ratings, I'd settle for something internally consistent for your FR game, without worrying that a converted D&D pony turns out to be more deadly than a lion from AR.

Give all those +3 Longswords of Bugbear Smiting an appropriate HW score, so they can provide automatic augments. D&D feats might also work well as augmenting abilities.

I would probably try to adapt the theistic magic rules for D&D divine magic and use sorcery for arcane magic. D&D provides spheres of influence for its deities, which would convert to affinities, with individual spells suggesting HW feats. Now where's that HQ sorcery -- no, sorry, *wizardry* -- revision, when it would be useful? :)

I actually wouldn't mind seeing the results of this project, and I'd be happy to discuss it more. If you'd prefer to take it to private email, that's fine, too.


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