Wounds are not just for combat

From: Nick Hollingsworth <nick.hollingsworth_at_...>
Date: Thu, 18 May 2000 17:32:10 +0100

Why are wounds seen as specific to combat. (I think it was wulf who seemed to suggest they are).
Surely all tests work the same. My social standing can be just as wounded as my body can at the end of a conflict.
If it can be shown to have been wounded at the end of the conflict then it can be wounded during the conflict too.
So during a legal argument my opponent can apply his 7AP victories as 'wounds' against my ability to argue that continues to apply for the rest of the case - perhaps by showing that I am not qualified to speak in the court or that I am in breach of the formal rules of the court. Combat should not be a special case - thats the key point of HW surely.

Nick Hollingsworth

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