Re: Re: maps; combat; art

From: Roderick and Ellen Robertson <rjremr_at_...>
Date: Thu, 18 May 2000 23:49:31 -0700

> >I think the rules say that only the loser can choose to accept a wound in
> >exchange for 7AP.
> That was not my intent when I proposed the rule, and I'm pretty sure
> it's not the case in the final game. It's a tactical option for the
> victor.

Only the *winner* of the exchange can declare a wound in this manner. HW p. 138

> >In my opinion if your stated intent is to 'Smash his shield' if you win
> >contest (extended or simple dependant upon narrative importance) then
> >smashed his shield! He dazed, hurt, dying as appropriate but the shield
> >gone.
> This isn't the way I'd run the game... after all, you're probably
> already in the middle of an extended contest, and are using AP. You
> certainly wouldn't want it to be the "I want to smash his shield -- I
> bid 1 AP" victory. And while you could have a simple contest, I like
> the idea of using the optional wound instead.

I'd allow the (victorious) player to convert 7AP into a -1 to the opponent's Armor rating (to reflect the loss of the shield) instead of a wound. (but I'm not speaking officially on it).


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