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Date: Thu, 18 May 2000 18:04:27 -0700

> One of the great things to come out of WotC recently was the Forgotten
> Realms interactive atlas, which was designed with ProFantasy's Campaign
> Cartographer 2. Any chance of something similar for Glorantha?

Unfortunately, Campaign Cartographer is a Windows-only product. I think Issaries should make sure that their products are available to the widest possible audience (and when I get back from a business trip, I'm going to make sure the demo fonts are available for Mac as well).

Ross wrote:

>I think the rules say that only the loser can choose to accept a wound in
>exchange for 7AP.

That was not my intent when I proposed the rule, and I'm pretty sure it's not the case in the final game. It's a tactical option for the victor.

>In my opinion if your stated intent is to 'Smash his shield' if you win the
>contest (extended or simple dependant upon narrative importance) then you've
>smashed his shield! He dazed, hurt, dying as appropriate but the shield is

This isn't the way I'd run the game... after all, you're probably already in the middle of an extended contest, and are using AP. You certainly wouldn't want it to be the "I want to smash his shield -- I bid 1 AP" victory. And while you could have a simple contest, I like the idea of using the optional wound instead.

>how come UK players seems to getting theirs before everyone else

Probably because you have a better distributor (wholesaler), who is solidly behind the game.

> > or 'I'll disarm him'
>Ditto, but you've disarmed him rather than broken his leg - if you've
>damaged him in the process "Oh dear! What a pity. Never mind".

This doesn't need anything special at all. If he loses AP, it's because he is disarmed and at a disadvantage (remember that AP reflect relative advantage in the contest).

BTW Wulf, I don't mean to pick on you, but could you use some blank lines in your messages? It's real hard to tell what's your message and what you're replying to (especially because the lines are wrapping poorly).


>Yelmelioid takes an action and pulls out a smaller
>pokey thing.

Generally, this sort of thing does *not* take an action. This lets you describe combat more freely:

Uroxi: I bid 12 AP to break his shield.
Narrator: "Your shift in targets surprises him, and with a single swing you cut apart his spear right behind the reinforcing bands." Yelmali: I pull out a pokey thing and stab him: 6 AP.

The Yelmali is behind on AP, that's bad enough. Now, the narrator is certainly free to disallow certain things -- in this case, the Yelmali might not be allowed to make large bids since he's at a temporary disadvantage.

Bryan again (on the artwork on the King of Dragon Pass CD -- check the Read Me files if you haven't found it):

>3)pictures of a dragonewt, of what is presumably a
>praxian bird rider, and of what is apparently Vinga.

It's a Rinliddi bird rider, and a Vingan.

>I suppose I or someone could mail you the image, but before I did I'd want
>Dave D. to confirm that this would be acceptable to A-Sharp.

All the images are owned by Issaries, Inc. I suspect one-time use to promote Issaries products would fall under fair use (assuming that concept exists in Europe).

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