Re: RE: RE: combat

From: Wulf Corbett <wulfc_at_...>
Date: Fri, 19 May 2000 10:10:02 -0000

> > > a -1 Armour penalty *and* a -3 (or so) improvisation modifier
> > your
> > > opponent's combat skill (for "Sword and Shield Combat" sans

> Just because your shield is broken dose not mean you have lost it.
> It just means that it is not in a fit state to help you anymore.
> So I would say you just loss the edge for the shield and keep
> on fighting like have been trained to.

Good point. A shattered centre-grip shield (as used by Celts, Vikings, Highlanders and Heortlings) would leave you with a metal boss (the hemispherical hand guard) and some metal ribs used to support the wood. A forearm grip shield would probably only shatter either above or below the arm, as the bit where the arm goes is reinforced. Neither would be MUCH use, but I've tried having my shield shattered once (at a re-enactment battle, with a specially weakened shield), and the centre-grip boss is still handy to flail around :) It should also be noted that shield technique does not ALWAYS use the shield to defend - if an attack comes in high, where a shield block would block the defender's vision, or wide to the weapon side, where it would mean turning too far round, the weapon is used to parry. So there's not THAT much difference between 'Sword & Shield' and 'Sword and lump of metal' :)

Now get back to work, Andy, you're on holiday next week, stop wasting time :)


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