Re: Prax?

From: KYER, JEFFREY <jeff.kyer_at_...>
Date: Fri, 19 May 2000 14:38:02 -0400

Roderick and Ellen Robertson wrote:
> > Got Hero Wars and so far I am still luke warm about
> > it. One big reason (other than the fact that I love
> > RQ rules) is the lack of Praxian material on the
> > horizon. Sure there is some material in Sartar Rising
> > but I want to see a players book and a region book on
> > Prax. That would make my day.
> Not on the schedule as yet. However, there have been a number of good ideas
> for converting RQ cults to HW, and a lot of RQ stuff for Prax, so you can at
> least fake it until a Praxian book comes out.
> Note that Praxians are Animists, rather than Theists, so convert RQ spells
> into spirits rather than Affinities and feats. The traditions are Waha and
> Eiritha (a male-female split) with the Spirits of Prax as associated
> spirits.
> Talking with Greg yesterday about many things... Storm Bull is a spirit,
> while Urox is a God. They have many things in common (you can look at the
> Cults of Prax writeup as a Godlearner compression of the two beings).
> Followers of either can get benefits from the other in one place - the
> Eternal Battle. All you have to do is walk into a giant, shrieking, ghost
> and skeleton-filled sandstorm... The Parts of the Bull work well as a
> special form of Spirit Integration.
> RR


Thanks for the clarification. You won me a pitcher of beer.


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