Re: Re: Trading wounds for AP; Orlanth Rex

From: KYER, JEFFREY <jeff.kyer_at_...>
Date: Fri, 19 May 2000 16:15:02 -0400

> Jeff claimed
> >That's why folks who are nobles usually end up runnign things-- having
> >Orlanth Adv/Rex from the start really helps the rise to power.
> Hmm, it's unclear what the entry requirement to Orlanth Rex is: "clan
> leader or king." King is pretty clear (presumably it's tribal king),
> but "clan leader" could mean just chiefs, just the inner ring, or
> even the outer ring. I'm sure it's not the outer ring, but I can't
> remember what conclusion we came to in Enclosure about this...
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What I really meant was 'are they Orlanth Rex because they are in charge or are they in charge because they are Orlanth Rex? This cult really does support your abilities if you're striving to be in a position of authority and if you're in such a position, joining the cult is expected. I just find it interesting...

The writeup I have is clan leader or king. I'd certainly let those on the Ring join (it seems like a good way to get the blesings you need to eventually lead. I'd say its not the Outer Ring unless there was an overriding reason for that person to be O.Rex -- some social position, perhaps.

Don't have a copy of Enclosure, sigh...


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