Re: Re: Spirit Travel

From: Roderick and Ellen Robertson <rjremr_at_...>
Date: Sat, 20 May 2000 16:47:37 -0700

> >All these things add up, but getting to the spirit plane is a
> >non-trivial thing, it would seem. Apparently, one cna get spirits
> >for
> >fetishes without going to the spirit plane (or so it seems to me)
> >espeically if they know the name of the spirit involved.
> >
> Yup, you give some very relevant suggestions, and I agree, if a Shaman
> can refill a fetish after every use, he can't have to go through all
> this rigmarole every time, but...

Nope, he has to do it, but it is "off-stage" for the most part. If you want to make a player-shaman go through it every time, I'd call you a sadist Narrator :-)

> >> Draw Summoning Circle ability Is this a simple Ability Check, or is
there a
> >> Resistance? Is the circle permanent, or must it be done new every
> >> time? I know there's a duration chart, but that just makes it more
> >> difficult to succeed. And how does it help Spirit World Travel?
> That's my main problem. Is the Circle a help, or just a necessary
> minimum requirement?

It's not even a minimum requirement - if you are a good enough shaman you can open a path to the spirit world without a circle, but you are at the mercy of whatever happens to be around on the other side. The circle is a Protective magic that keeps those within it safe. (See "Peeking Past the Shamanic Circle", HW pg 204 and "The Spirit World" NB pg 25).

> >> Spirit World Travel ability, I
> >> guess a Fetch also adds its Ability in?
> Anyone proffer an opinion?

Adds Might, not Ability

> >Also, if it is treated as an extended contest, his buddies can lend
> >him AP and augment his ability based on their skills and tradition
> >knowleges. And having a spirit ally helps too, as I recall.
> AP are not much help if she (not he...) has an ability of about 18W
> with augments against a resistance of 10W3! A Hero Point would be SOME
> use, but expensive.

As noted in a previous message, the shaman has 10w2 with the fetch. Still not great, but better than 18w!


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