Re: Spirit Travel

From: Wulf Corbett <wulfc_at_...>
Date: Sun, 21 May 2000 00:46:22 +0100

On Sat, 20 May 2000 16:32:42 -0700, "Roderick and Ellen Robertson" <> wrote:

>Use Rituals to get various boni (Page 237 has the basic numbers). A Ritual
>performed on a spirit's High Holy Day, in it's sanctuary, with a unique
>item, will get you +60.

Ouch... hadn't done my calculations right, that IS easier...

>> Breach Barrier - use Spirit World Travel ability, with bonuses from
>> ritual, community support, any relevant ability or talents, etc. I
>> guess a Fetch also adds its Ability in?
>The Fetch adds it's Might.

That's good...

>> Now, what sort of bonus does each step add? Here's my character,
>> optimised for success but as a started character:

I meant Starter...

>> Draw Summoning Circle 1W
>> Spirit World Travel 5W
>> Fetch would be 5W too.
>> She has 3 Apprentices with Spirit-Talker skills, plus her brother with
>> none, and 2 friendly Spirits, all of whom can be expected to give
>> Extraordinary Support.

>> Anyone advise me how to beat a 10W3?

>As is, she has a base 10w2 (SWT + Fetch) chance to breach the barrier. Four
>people (spirits don't count!)

I should have said, one Spirit is a Chalana Arroy Ghost (Arabella, recently released from her head in a Thanatari temple, looking to make amends for being nasty to people while under control - from a White Dwarf scenario), the other is Yeomar, a Yelmic Ancestor of my shaman (she had a strange genealogy). Both decided to hang around for a while and help out as Followers. As such, do they help now?

>All she needs is another 6 points from rituals to have a crappy
>chance (1w3 vrs 10w3), 16 points to have an even chance (10w3 vrs 10w3 plus
>her ability to use HP to bump rolls gives her a *big* advantage).

Hmm... much better than I thought, I admit. The Fetch's Might helps a LOT. Wulf

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