Re: Spirit Travel

From: Roderick and Ellen Robertson <rjremr_at_...>
Date: Sat, 20 May 2000 16:32:42 -0700

> OK, despite reading all the bits I can find that relate to it, I still
> have a problem figuring how a Shaman gets through that 10W3 barrier to
> the Spirit Plane. I figure thus:

Use Rituals to get various boni (Page 237 has the basic numbers). A Ritual performed on a spirit's High Holy Day, in it's sanctuary, with a unique item, will get you +60.

> Ritual Circle created - use Draw Summoning Circle ability (with
> bonuses from ritual?).


 Is this a simple Ability Check, or is there a
> Resistance?

Usually its just an Ability Check. Trying to draw with sand on a windy day might have a resistance...

Is the circle permanent, or must it be done new every
> time?

Draw a new one each time, usually.

I know there's a duration chart, but that just makes it more
> difficult to succeed. And how does it help Spirit World Travel?

It doesn't. Circles don't need a duration - they usually fade away if the shaman leaves the circle into the spirit world or after the ceremony is done. Using the Duration chart would create a circle that doesn't fade away immediately.

> Breach Barrier - use Spirit World Travel ability, with bonuses from
> ritual, community support, any relevant ability or talents, etc. I
> guess a Fetch also adds its Ability in?

The Fetch adds it's Might.

> Now, what sort of bonus does each step add? Here's my character,
> optimised for success but as a started character:

> Draw Summoning Circle 1W
> Spirit World Travel 5W
> Fetch would be 5W too.
> She has 3 Apprentices with Spirit-Talker skills, plus her brother with
> none, and 2 friendly Spirits, all of whom can be expected to give
> Extraordinary Support. (her semi-friendly Wraith isn't really much
> help, it just remembers who it is, knows she helps it's former family,
> and kills people for her...).
> Anyone advise me how to beat a 10W3?

As is, she has a base 10w2 (SWT + Fetch) chance to breach the barrier. Four people (spirits don't count!) give a +4 bonus (up to 14w2) at Extraordinary support. All she needs is another 6 points from rituals to have a crappy chance (1w3 vrs 10w3), 16 points to have an even chance (10w3 vrs 10w3 plus her ability to use HP to bump rolls gives her a *big* advantage). Her spirits can (possibly) lend AP to her, unless one happens to be a "SpiritWorld travel" spirit, in which case she can use both it's might *and* it's AP.


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