Re: Re: PC with no magic

From: Andrew Solovay <asolovay_at_...>
Date: Fri, 13 Aug 2004 16:01:48 -0700

Alex Ferguson <abf_at_...> wrote:
>>> Even better, if you're one of
>>> these-accept-no-substitutes Devotees with the big
>>> secret of Orlanth, you can't break concentration.
>> I disagree with the extreme attitude you take on devotees. Perhaps
>> you mean disciples?
> Nope, he's correct as stated (snipped colourful metaphor aside,
> perhaps). p109 makes this pretty clear, even if it doesn't say
> 'concentration' in so many words.

There are references to people sometimes losing their "mixed" nature and ending up pure-soul, pure-spirit, or pure-essence. (e.g. in MOLAD, it says that bathing in the Stream's headwaters gradually turns you into pure essence, and thus the Stream has no healing quality to people who're already pure-soul or pure-spirit. Unless it's the Creek--I can never remember which is which.)

I could well believe that learning the Secret of your cult has a similar locking-in effect. And if learning Barntar's Secret makes me purely Soul, then it makes sense that I'd be *unable* to break concentration--I no longer have the metaphysical machinery to make use of spells or charms.

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