Keywords and other abilities

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Date: Wed, 19 Jan 2005 19:55:58 -0000

> No, it means that while your relationship to your clan is still up
> at 17, the *dramatically* important skills are those that make you
> different from the herd, not those that make you the same as
> else. "Same as everybody else" = "loser", in Glorantha as much as
in the
> real world.

Jane - with all due respect, I don't agree. Let's take the best three abilities of some of the characters from my ongoing Colymar campaign -

Spear & Shield Fighting 15W
Ride 5W
Disrespectful of Authority 4W
Mythology of Redalda 4W

Devotee of Orlanth Thunderous 17W
Mythology of Orlanth 13W
Eloquent 7W

Both of these characters have improved keyword abilities (initially 17) and non-keyword abilities (initially 13). Brenna's disrespect of authority and Korlmhy's eloquence are definitely defining abilities. This list also leaves out some of the more interesting abilities the characters have, such as Brenna's Red Hair and Perfect Teeth.

Relationships have turned out to be very important in this game. Thanks in large part to the characters' relationships with their clan, tribe, leaders and other prominent figures, they got total support of their clan and extraordinary support of their tribe in the Stormwalk Path heroquest. As a result they succeeded in a quest that would have stymied far more powerful heroes. I think most of the characters have improved several of their relationships about their starting points.

Another thing - these characters do not have terribly high ability values. However, they have gazillions of augmenting abilities - which often raise their applicable ability by at least a mastery if they get the chance to prepare. As a result, Korlmhy is a priest and thane of the Colymar, even though his raw skills might not seem to justify it.


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