The Power Gamers first strike...

From: Ashley Munday <ashleym_at_...>
Date: Mon, 29 May 2000 21:41:42 +0100

Handy Power Gaming tip for those interested: As it costs 3 Hero Points to raise your affinities compared to 1 for mundane skills, it makes sense to start your affinities at 5W and 1W. The savings for Sorcerers is even bigger as they have to fork out 5 Hero Points for each rise in a grimoire.

Anyone feel like starting a Power Gamers Corner for this sort of tip so referees (sorry, Narrators / Directors / Managers of a Cast of Thousands) get a clue what loop holes there are in advance? Forewarned is foreskinned I believe. I'd bung 'em on my web page but I don't have time in the week, currently working 100 miles from home.


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