Re: Shamanic Circles and Other Animism Questions (Was: Spirit Travel)

From: Wulf Corbett <wulfc_at_...>
Date: Tue, 30 May 2000 07:45:20 -0000

I'm not official, but I've been working on the Praxian stuff, so here is my understanding of the rules...

> >> That's my main problem. Is the Circle a help, or just a necessary
> >> minimum requirement?

That was my question anyway :)

> >It's not even a minimum requirement - if you are a good enough
shaman you
> >can open a path to the spirit world without a circle

> 1. Canonically, is a successful use of Draw Summoning Circle
intended to
> help (augmenting, adding APs, etc.) the shaman's attempt to breach
> barrier between the Inner World and the Spirit Plane? If so, what
is the
> preferred mode of help?

It is a barrier alone. You should probably note what degree of success you made when creating it in case anything really nasty tries to cross it, but against 'normal' spirits it's impervious.

> 2. The circle so created is stated to be a protective barrier.
> does this mean that the circle is impervious to unwanted spirits or
is it
> intended to be a barrier, either with a number of AP or in a simple
> contest, that resists the entry of unwanted spirits?

Like I said... :)

> 3. What I haven't seen said in the discussion of the Praxian
> traditions is that the shaman can create the summoning circle
around a
> number of fellow tribesmen and that they (the other tribesmen) can
> their spirit combat on spirits that have been drawn into the
> Circle by the shaman as part of the act of drawing the circle and
> the barrier. Canonically, is this a correct interpretation?

Certainly. The Grazers too, and any other community where the majority have Spirit Combat, like Hsunchen. Consider the day after a big raid... a hundred or so tribesmen lining up to get their fetishes refilled by one lone, weary shaman... Much easier if he just opens the gate, and they do their own dirty work. They'll only be able to get low-grade spirits, but I imagine the Shaman can augment the whole ceremony with his superior Spirit Combat ability.

> 4. Canonically, can a shaman refill his fetishes by interacting with
> spirits who happen to be available in the Inner World? Example: Can
> Kolating bind a wind into a fetish by extracting it from a breeze
that is
> blowing past him?

He could use passing spirits, but there aren't that many! Passing wind (so to speak...) doesn't necessarily have a spirit in the Inner World. He'd still need Spirit Combat anyway.

> This would make the refilling of fetishes with Tradition Spirits at
no cost
> between scenarios much more plausible because it eliminates the
> ability of the shaman to cross to the Spirit Plane at any time and
> location as long as it is between gaming sessions.

Even so, most spirits are not the 'just passing by' type. I wouldn't allow it as a standard ability, I might as an unusual encounter.

> 5. Canonically, what is the usual ability used to bind Tradition
> into fetishes? Is it Spirit Combat, Tradition Knowledge, or
something else?

Spirit Combat does the binding, Tradition Knowledge summons the spirit.

> 6. Is Spirit Combat considered to be an inherently hostile ability
to use
> against a spirit?

It's not inherently hostile, you can bargain or plead with the spirit beforehand. I'd say this is a necessity with Ancestors. The 'Combat' terminology is misleading, it's more like anchoring a baloon in a high wind or re-packing a sleeping bag after a weekend's camping... Now, what I don't know is if it's EASIER when the spirit is willing?

> 7. In RQ, the shaman's spirit left his body, which was then guarded
by his
> materialized Fetch. This no longer seems to be the case because the
> bodily enters the Spirit Plane. Is this an official change from RQ,
or are
> there currently known circumstances where the shaman's spirit will
> his body?

When he's dead? No, this does indeed look like a change.


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