Re: Order spells as active abilities, nonconcentrated?

From: jorganos <joe_at_...>
Date: Mon, 22 Aug 2005 10:34:17 -0000

Rob "parental_unit_2":
> Quick check on interpretation of a _HeroQuest_ rulebook entry:
> On page 161, left column, the book states:

> "[An orderly] can cast a spell at any time, and use it as an active
> ability or an augment."

> Does this statement assume that the orderly has concentrated
> Wizardry?
> If the orderly has not concentrated, can he only use spells
> as augments?

> This isn't obvious because of another statement on p. 161:

> "Many orders require that orderlies give up all non-wizardly magic
> before they will allow them to learn spells."

Basically, that answers your question: you can become an orderly without concentrating (because not all orders require you to give up all non-wizardly magic), and not some but all orderlies can use their magic as active ability.

The requirement to give up all other magic before being allowed to learn spells does not mean that no other magic can be learned afterwards, either (althout practitioners of other magic usually have similar requirements to forgo the magic from other sources before they start teaching). Find tolerant teachers, and nothing except lack of hero points keeps your character from learning and using magic from all magic systems.

> So most orderlies concentrate -- but what happens if they don't?

They pay double hero point cost, and can attend at non-wizardly rites as participants rather than observers.

IMG the crafters' guilds of urban Kethaela teach orderly magic to their members regardless of their cultic affiliation. Guild members can take the teachings or leave them to others (using their cultic magic instead).

Sailors, too, are likely to take this attitude.

> By the way, we have a character who knows some spirit magic but
> joined an order dedicated to Saint Arkat, whom some of our
> characters think is the greatest hero ever.

Probably a quite common phenomenon in Safelster, where the Loonies seek their Beastfolk (western "Hsunchen") roots while politics demand church membership.

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