RE: Re: Hero Bands

From: Richard Develyn <Richard.Develyn_at_...>
Date: Wed, 31 May 2000 13:26:59 +0100

From: Wulf Corbett [mailto:wulfc_at_...]

>There were a couple of Hero Bands in KoDP, Derik's for instance. He
>took his merry band and went hunting Praxians, as I remember. In HW,
>the Hero Band is not a traditional 'adventurer' group (those get the
>same reception they got in KoDP...), it's a group out after a higher
>purpose, even if the purpose is just following the Hero.

Or Heroes (plural). Every player in HW plays a hero - they don't follow each other, they have their own followers.

So the heroes' followers have the purpose 'follow the hero', but the Heroes themselves are a bit of a motley crew ... aren't they?

>Hero Bands
>are training for the Hero Wars, not just looking for some action
>(not, I admit, that the difference is often visible), and should
>follow the paths of their Gods.

I suppose they should. I put up a message on the glorantha list (which hasn't come up yet) about hypocrisy wondering just how self-serving individual heroes might be.


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