Re: More examples please!

From: Richard Addy <rmaddy_at_...>
Date: Thu, 1 Jun 2000 10:02:00 -0400

On 1 Jun 00, at 14:43, Myles Corcoran wrote:

> Hi folks,
> Does anyone else think that HW really could do with more
> examples?

YES! I'm having a lot of problems internalizing the rules set - it's very abstract. Examples help. A LOT.

The magic section, especially, gives me problems.. Unlike combat (or social interaction, etc), it seems like the developers had very definite ideas of what abilties were necessary in certain situations. It's not like a sorceror can muddle along with some other skill instead of scribe circle of power ... but sometimes, it's not real clear what those specific abilties are.

>I found myself reading the rules and having to stop and work
> out examples in my head to make clear what the rules were saying. I
> would suggest that if HW gets to a second printing the 4 pages in the
> handout in the deluxe set which currently have a bunch of runes and a
> couple of pictures on them be changed to have a comprehensive example
> of play instead. Perhaps a two column job with narrative description
> on the left and a game-mechanical description on the right. (If this
> sounds a bit WhiteWolfy don't let it scare you off. It's helpful...
> No, really.)

Until then, put 'em on the website

> Particular examples I'd like to see would include the use of
> affinities and feats from the more popular keywords (so we get a
> better idea of which feats are augmentations or whatever), an
> oratorial argument or bartering session and, of course, a detailed
> example of a fight with followers, lots of magic and the works.


I'm not sure why the system is giving me so much trouble - I think it may be it's almost contradictory (hmmmm - Lunar?) method of combining storytelling aspects with all those charts.

I mean, i generally don't run games where I -need- a screen to tell me the results of a die roll. Most games these days don't require one - Hero Wars will, for me.

so ... examples would be really helpful.


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