Re: Re: Hero Bands

From: KYER, JEFFREY <jeff.kyer_at_...>
Date: Thu, 01 Jun 2000 13:24:22 -0400

> >As a couple others have noted, I can't really imagine any of the
> >groups I've played with being satisfied with most players being
> >followers to one player's leader.

Doesn't have to be a PC, of course. Could be your feudal overlord, or your rebel leader.  

> Having a leader doesn't imply blind obedience. There is usually a
> natural leader amongst players, or at least someone's character is
> better suited to any given situation. A good leader character will
> give the job to the best suited member of the band. You don't just
> contribute AP! Hell, I have no intention of having my HW-style
> Followers just being treated like that!

Yeah, that usually happens. And a follower is not necessarily an "AP Lending Follower."

But I am reluctant to make one of the player heroes a 'patron'  

> >Regarding "training for the Hero Wars" - does everyone know they're
> >coming and when? Are there billboards everywhere - "Only 330 more
> >adventuring days until the Hero Wars"? Or is it just common knowledge
> >that "the old world is dying", but people don't really know when the
> >end will come, ala Rangranock? Or is it only the Heroes who see it
> >coming? (Or learn of it during their adventures, like in "Three
> >Hearts and Three Lions"?)
> Ooh, the memories... thank you for that!
> Wulf

Yes. That's a good memory.

But our group just found a young man named Argrath. (Everyone shivered. It was quite remarkable. Blast, now I can't get Scorpion's Winds of Change out of my head!)



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