RE: 100-words, catchphrases

From: DreadDomain <dreaddomain_at_...>
Date: Sun, 17 Dec 2006 21:51:24 -0500

>Thanks, but I'd hate to run the character based on

Why not?  

>> To encourage using evocative names for abilities. An
>> option would be to
>> simply count multiple words abilities as a single
>> word. Like for names and titles.

>Could do, though I think that's going too far.

I am mot sure. Otherwise people might be tempted to replace whatever evocative description by simple word abilities like "strong", "tall" or "clever"

>Yes, I see what you mean. Though the "presence
>oriented" aspect of "tall" is how we've tended to
>explain being able to increase such an ability.

On my side I prefer to keep such a thing as "Tall" as a physical aspect that usually cannot be improved. "Standing Tall" or "Towering above others" are another story altogether. Even "Massive physique" I see as improvable. Anyway, that is another debate.

>Or "over-optimistic", "over-confident"...

All good choices.

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